Salon del Mobile 2017: Trending

Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Milan to attend Salon del Mobile; a week-long, citywide expo dedicated to unveiling new collections in design and architecture.  It’s exciting, inspiring, and definitely a sight to see at least once.  Here are two trends that caught my eye during my time here this week: Continue reading “Salon del Mobile 2017: Trending”

Interior Space as a Container

Simply put, space is where life happens.  A room– defined by edges, planes, and points is a “container” for experiences.  When I design a space, I’m creating this aforementioned container. It is made up of color, furniture, and architectural elements.  When all of these components get put together they create an experience. At different points life demands different things Continue reading “Interior Space as a Container”

Eileen Gray: A Trailblazer

The day after millions of people (mostly women), all over the world, marched to protect women’s fundamental rights (and human rights), I find it appropriate to pay respect to Eileen Gray; a woman who went largely unnoticed for the majority of her career in the early 20th century due to her gender, singularity and inability to conform.   Continue reading “Eileen Gray: A Trailblazer”

Clear the Space, Bring in New Light

It’s that time again…a ball will drop and a new year will begin on the Gregorian calendar. To me, the new year is more than just a singular countdown and shiny disco ball–it’s a time for reflection and renewal.  We’re given the opportunity to shed what no longer serves us, and create the space for that which does.  Although we can redesign our homes to reflect new vision and create new energy, we must first clear out the old and purify. Continue reading “Clear the Space, Bring in New Light”