Clear the Space, Bring in New Light

It’s that time again…a ball will drop and a new year will begin on the Gregorian calendar. To me, the new year is more than just a singular countdown and shiny disco ball–it’s a time for reflection and renewal.  We’re given the opportunity to shed what no longer serves us, and create the space for that which does.  Although we can redesign our homes to reflect new vision and create new energy, we must first clear out the old and purify. You’ll write your resolutions and think about all of the ways 2017 will be better than the last.  This setting of intentions is one of the things I enjoy most about the start of the new year.  However, setting intentions is only the first step.  The second step, and arguably the most important, is creating an environment in which your intentions have clear space to manifest.

Below is a quick list of my top three tips for cleansing your home; the vessel which nourishes your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

  1. Smudge it Out

smudgeSmudging is an ancient practice that allows one to heal sacred space with the aroma and spirit of burning herbs.  The beginning of a new year is a particularly good time to cleanse your home’s energy with sage.  White Sage, and its inherit spirit, is said to wash away unwanted influences, encourage protection, and bring about abundance.  I smudge my home by lighting one end of the smudge stick and holding the smoke in each corner of every room for (8) seconds, while silently repeating my intentions to myself.  My Feng Shui teacher has taught me that “8” symbolizes abundance, never ending flow, and blessings.  Try it out!  A smudge stick can be purchased in most health food stores.  My favorite place to purchase smudge sticks is Namaste Book Shop.

2. Bring in New Life

Plants are a wonderful way to bring new life energy to a space.  Not only are they pretty, but they clean up the air quality in your home by removing toxins and releasing more oxygen in the air.  Not everyonesucculent-plants-in-pots-succulent-plants-in-pots-planting-succulents-in-containers-indoors-615x347has a green thumb (myself included!), and apartment living is what it is, so I highly recommend succulents.  They are no fuss, requiring watering once every few weeks. Succulents can live on your bookshelf, your night stand, or hanging from your ceiling.  Because humans are meant to coexist with plant life, I highly recommend bringing some into your home.

3.  Get Rid of it

boxThis one is really important.  All objects hold energy.  When we accumulate and hang onto objects that don’t serve us, we’re holding onto energy that doesn’t serve us.  In order to get rid of stagnant energy in our homes, I recommend going through your wardrobe, files, and pantries.  Have boxes and garbage bags ready.  Separate your items into 3 piles: 1)I love you, 2) I like you, 3) Who are you?  Once you have your 3 piles go through each one separately, discarding things you no longer need.  If you have trouble doing this alone, invite a friend to join you!  When you’re done you should feel lighter and clearer.  Donate undamaged, clean items to a local shelter or food pantry.

Wishing you a blessed 2017.

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